Warby Parker Sunglasses

Now that I lost my pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers I can officially say that hipster douchebags only wear them while they smoke their American Spirits and talk about some obscure shitty band. Wayfarer’s are the Ed Hardy of the hipster world.

Fret not kiddos because I found a great alternative with Warby Parker. Sunglasses with polarized lenses go for $95.00. They have a lot of great styles. A cool thing about them is that they will send you up to 5 different frames to try on home for free. You’ll have 5 days to try them on and then ship them back. Shipping both ways is free. Or you can upload a photo and virtually try on the glasses.

Check out these stylish little vixens.

Aldous $95.00


Cromwell $145.00

Thatcher $95.00


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