Working for the weekend

It’s time to get the fuck out of town for a quick weekend getaway. How are you going to pack your shit? In your gym bag!?!? Loser. Walking down the aisle of a plane with your bag strapped to your shoulder it should command attention as it smacks the people seated.

I personally prefer a canvas bag over leather. It has an old masculine salt of the earth feel. It will be lighter to carry around and I won’t be worried when I beat it to shit. For a weekend bag I’m not going to try and go cheap to save money. Most likely in the long run a zipper will break or something minor and that cheap bag will need to be replaced because the warranty only lasted 90 days.

The bags listed below have a lifetime guarantee and are made in ‘Merica.

Filson Duffle Bag $225


Orvis Weekend Bag – $225

What I like about this bag is it has that wide opening so it’s easy to pack and grab your junk.

Duluth Boot Duffel – $205

It has a bottom zipper to store your shoes or puke stained clothes from your trip to Vegas. Also comes in multiple colors.


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  1. Dicknose

    The herschel bags are nice as an inexpensive option to your 200+ filson bag above. Filson would be the only way to go if you are going to go over 150 bucks though.

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