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It’s happening!

Sorry my mistake. If you put in 250$ worth of items you will get a $50 coupon which comes out to 20% off and not 30%. Still a pretty decent deal if you need to get a few pairs of pants.

Bonobos, my favorite maker of pants for men, is blowing out their whole site at 30% 20% off if you spend $250. These guys typically have sales like this but always on last seasons merchandise, never on their current line, and always in a size that isn’t yours. At $88 their washed chinos are expensive to me and I typically won’t buy them. However with the 30% 20% off they’re now worth the price if you need to buy a few pairs.

I love these pants because they fit perfectly in the ass, legs, and just the right amount of taper down into the ankle. This is great for me because I like to work out so my legs are Godzillas! Most brands out there I have to take in the waist and taper in the legs. Not so with Bonobos straight leg. The patterned pockets are a great bit of flair as well.

What if I’m not jacked like the Brothority? Fear not they have a slim tailored line.

My go to standard colors are the following.


When I’m lazy these are my go to. Throw em on with a dark blue v-neck, boat shoes, canvas belt, and you’re good to go.


Jet Blues

I’ll use these when I put on a collar. I’ll usually pair it with a red or lighter colored shirt to contrast off the dark blue.

Jet Blues

Grey Dogs

I like these with my dark colored shirts since it’s a good contrast as well.

Grey Dogs

Stone Cutters

I love light colored pants. Pair them with a dark shirt, brown shoes, and a brown belt and you’re now the Brothority. Even better put on a navy/brown blazer and make them drool.

Stone CuttersBlazer and light pants

Skys out thighs out bros!

Hopefully you bros didn’t pass up leg day because shit is getting Africa hot out there. Time to let those thighs out.

Thighs out!

Typically what I see here in San Diego wild Bro scene are a plethora of cargo shorts. Seriously bros… you’re never going to fill up those pockets with anything. Let’s just get rid of them along with your Birkenstocks.


I love working out and it shows in my legs so I like to show that shit off. To me showing a bit of jacked to shit thighs to the girls is basically the male version of side boob.

Dmitry Klokov

I prefer shorts to hit above/to a bit above my knee. If you’re a short guy getting this length is critical. Otherwise you’re going to look like fucking a midget.


Now just in case you’re still confused and find reading difficult. I’ll include some more pictures.

Be this bro!


Be this bro!

Don’t be this bro!

Don't be this bro!


Men’s jewelry

I’m not really into necklaces but I do like wearing a bracelet here and there. No metal bracelets as I prefer a more casual look to them. Here’s a good example of men’s jewelry you should wear.

Massdrop has a great deal going on some cool nautical style bracelets – 13.99. On sale for the next 6 days.

Anchor Bracelet

This is a bro do.

Bracelet do



No! Bad bro! Bad!

This bro is going overboard and letting style define him instead of him showing off his own personal style.


Hello Summer!

Look at these titties from Quoddy being sold at Need Supply.

Quoddy Penny LoaferAs a young skateboard punk I used to hate penny loafers and any shoes like these that would scream American Prep.  Now I can’t get enough of them. They’re a classic American staple that will always look great.



Men’s Polka Dot Shirt

Polka Dots

The men’s polka dot shirt can either look phenomenal like the picture above or horrendous like the one below.

Polka Dot No
Polka Dot No

Now to avoid the polka dot “No” stay with a darker color shirt where the dots are fairly small.

Another Yes
Another Yes


Quilted Vest

The quilted vest has come a long way. Sure your still going to see people wearing ones like this one below in People of Walmart.

“Get a load of this guy’s life preserver. The dork thinks he’s gonna drown!”

However you will also see some great casual and still stylish ones as well. Stay away from the bulky ones unless, like Melanie, you live in a fly over state called Milwackee.

8415fa4934cadc2e140b9f4f1382d8d1 jcrew_broadmoor_vest

You can even dress them up a bit.



J Crew is my choice – Broadmoor Quilted Vest $129.00

Broadmoor Vest


A pair of chinos and a button up shirt is such a great look that’s so easy to pull together.

Sidenote – I find it hard that I even have to say this but if you have a pair of chinos with pleats. Just keep on living in your parents basement.


Keep on truckin


A great jacket for the Spring that can be done up smartly to take you anywhere.  What makes this outfit great to me is the fit. Everything is nice and streamlined. Nothing is baggy.trucker_jacket


This is how you don’t want it to look.


The Navy Blazer

If you don’t like wearing suits because they are too stuffy and you don’t want to look like a total dicknose… then the navy blazer is for you. This jacket will be one of the most versatile things you have in your wardrobe. They can be paired with slacks, jeans, chinos, and even t-shirts( I cringed when I wrote that).

My preference for a navy blazer is white, off white, or gray pants.


This bro below is doing a good job of rocking it. Everything fits well and nothing is loose or baggy. If I’m going to wear jeans with the blazer I’ll make sure they are a dark rinse.



This last picture is the look you want to avoid. Or as some like to say… “The 80’s stand up comedian effect”. This is the shit I see Downtown San Diego where I just want to punch babies.


1. The jacket is to long and not tailored at all. He looks like he’s swimming in it. This is a far cry from the Bond we know on the big screen

2. The shirt offers no contrast to the jacket making him look extremely pale.

3. Bootcut jeans… I don’t think I need to even say anything about that. If you’re going to wear jeans with a blazer they should be fit not have a bunch of shit pooling around your ankles. Get your shit to a tailor and ask them to keep the original hem.

Casual Style

Just because you’re relaxing on the weekend doesn’t mean you need to look like a slob.


This Bro certainly isn’t over dressed but I guarantee you drop him into a afternoon BBQ or dive bar he’ll probably be one of the best dressed there. It looks completely casual but still stylish.

To attain this look simply ditch your jeans and get some chinos. Chino’s now aren’t what you expect from 9-5 cubicle work wear. Some of my favorites are from JCrew and Dockers. They’re cut slim but not hipster scum slim.

Dockers Alpha Khakis – $69


J Crew Chino in Urban Slim Fit – $75


If your name isn’t Steve Jobs then ditch your running shoes and find yourself a white canvas shoe. Yea I know it’s winter but I’m in San Diego. I have no idea what that word is.  personally prefer a slim and sleek shoe.

Adidas Seeley – $60


Banana Republic V-Neck Sweater – $69.50

If you’re signed up for their newsletter at least once every two weeks you’ll get a 40% off coupon.


There you go. Now you don’t look like that Bro! Remember you can buy all these clothes and wonder why you still look sloppy. Most likely you’re buying clothes too big. These clothes shouldn’t be skin tight but also not baggy.




Come at me bro!

Now a message from the Brothority.

I’m bombarded with this all day long now that winter has arrived to San Diego.  Guys in hoodies emblazoned with  Volcom or RVCA. When I see guys like this I think of them playing World of Warcraft, drinking Mountain Dew, and breathing out of their mouth.

The last time they saw a female naked was when they were born.

Now let’s contrast it with this look. It’s still more or less the same but so much better. It still retains that casual look but says you’re a man not to be fucked with . The guys above look like they snuck off from their parents to smoke some brown mexi swag.

The Fit

This is a great example of absurdly awesome casual style. Pay attention to what this bro is doing right. His pants aren’t baggy and the correct length. If your pants are still to long you should get them hemmed. Ask the tailor to keep the original hem so they still look good. Also his shoes are straight up perky titties! The suede makes everything look a lot more laid back. Note for that bro…the shoes are called Double Monks.