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Go to hell

I love this picture. I’m a huge fan of wearing bright bold colors that say I don’t give a fuck. It takes an incredibly confident man to pull of that look. However if you have weak body language you’re just going to look like a little bitch. Wear something like this because you pack more nuts then the Planters factory.

The undershirt

Ok bro… let’s get in the trust tree. That white undershirt you got on that I can see. What don’t you like about crushing pussy? It screams, “Hi. My name is Scooter and I enjoy breathing through my mouth”.


Now to make sure we are all on the same page. Having your undershirt show like the above picture makes you look like a total utter dickhead.  If you’re going to wear your shirt open like that with an undershirt make sure to find one that doesn’t show or try what this guy does.