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The Rake

This is how it’s done.















Let’s pay attention to what is done right here.

  1. The shoulders of the jacket are just right
  2. Waist of the jacket doesn’t resemble a lifeless sack
  3.  Showing enough shirt cuff. Ideally you want to see about .5″ of shirt cuff
  4. Slim… not hipster nutter tight pants
  5. Tie width matches the lapel width of the jacket

Everything about this picture conveys bad ass on the level of Chuck Norris.

Now compare to this brostake. This is how most guys wear a suit.


Sartorial Conundrums

His voice is so soft it could pollinate flowers

I see a lot of guys making the mistake to button your bottom button on a jacket. This button was designed to never be buttoned… unless you’re JFK.

Why you never button the bottom button from AskAndy

Why do men never button the bottom button of your suit, sports jacket, vest or Cardigan sweater?

King Edward VII, “Bertie”, son of Victoria (1841 – 1910, King 1901 – 1910) was so heavy that he could not get the bottom button fastened on his vest or to be more historically kind, maybe he just forgot. His subjects taking it as a fashion statement followed his lead and today most men’s suits, sports jackets or vests are not designed to button the bottom button.

The tradition of not buttoning the bottom button may have also come from the early waistcoats, which were very long. It may have been out of necessity of being able to walk that the bottom buttons were left undone.

Now you know to never make this brostake again.

Suit Up

This is how you wear a suit.


I really like when guys like this one are able to pull off this roguish look. He’s got this vibe where if you fuck with him he’ll pistol whip you. Some call it high/low or danger and play. It’s a great contrast that you should go for when wearing a suit out and about.

Working for the weekend

It’s time to get the fuck out of town for a quick weekend getaway. How are you going to pack your shit? In your gym bag!?!? Loser. Walking down the aisle of a plane with your bag strapped to your shoulder it should command attention as it smacks the people seated.

I personally prefer a canvas bag over leather. It has an old masculine salt of the earth feel. It will be lighter to carry around and I won’t be worried when I beat it to shit. For a weekend bag I’m not going to try and go cheap to save money. Most likely in the long run a zipper will break or something minor and that cheap bag will need to be replaced because the warranty only lasted 90 days.

The bags listed below have a lifetime guarantee and are made in ‘Merica.

Filson Duffle Bag $225


Orvis Weekend Bag – $225

What I like about this bag is it has that wide opening so it’s easy to pack and grab your junk.

Duluth Boot Duffel – $205

It has a bottom zipper to store your shoes or puke stained clothes from your trip to Vegas. Also comes in multiple colors.


Personal Style

If you didn’t pay attention to this guys shoes you would think it’s well done but nothing special. However when you get down to those shoes and socks is really when it catches your attention. A little bit of pop can go a long way in creating a great overall look.

When I see a guy dressed like this it I infer certain qualities on to him whether he has them or not. People are doing this to you non stop. They are making snap judgements simply based upon the way you walk and how you look. Your outer appearance is the one thing that you have control of in your life so use that to your benefit.

Fall Boots

Time to put away those boat shoes. There’s something about the Fall season where I like having a nice pair of boots.  All of these are on the expensive side but to me well worth it. The leather is excellent quality and soles are repairable if anything happens. Most cheap ass boots will run you 150-200$ and you can’t fix when they crap out on you. These ones listed here will last you a lifetime.


Alden Indy Boots – Made iconic by Indiana Jones


Allen Edmonds Eagle County

Red Wing Lifestyle Classic

Wolverine Addison Wingtips

The Fit

This is a great example of absurdly awesome casual style. Pay attention to what this bro is doing right. His pants aren’t baggy and the correct length. If your pants are still to long you should get them hemmed. Ask the tailor to keep the original hem so they still look good. Also his shoes are straight up perky titties! The suede makes everything look a lot more laid back. Note for that bro…the shoes are called Double Monks.