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red pants

I’m rich bitch!!!

I love this preppy look for casual days. It’s dressed up but it still says fuck you I’ll do what I want because I’m charming,  extremely good looking, and above all modest.




Compare and Contrast

What you decide to put on has a profound effect upon how people will perceive you.

In this picture is a guy named scooter. He’s the shoulder to cry on for girls who are having guy problems.

This is who they are crying over.

Any questions?

Warby Parker Sunglasses

Now that I lost my pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers I can officially say that hipster douchebags only wear them while they smoke their American Spirits and talk about some obscure shitty band. Wayfarer’s are the Ed Hardy of the hipster world.

Fret not kiddos because I found a great alternative with Warby Parker. Sunglasses with polarized lenses go for $95.00. They have a lot of great styles. A cool thing about them is that they will send you up to 5 different frames to try on home for free. You’ll have 5 days to try them on and then ship them back. Shipping both ways is free. Or you can upload a photo and virtually try on the glasses.

Check out these stylish little vixens.

Aldous $95.00


Cromwell $145.00

Thatcher $95.00



A man in a suit can get away with a lot…

Here’s a great ad campaign from Suit Supply.

I’ve always felt that a man dressed in a well fitting suit radiates a certain element of roguishness.

You can see all the photos here.

Welcome back to the map Wisconsin

It’s just not a fly over state but home of Allen Edmonds. AE is one of the few companies producing high quality shoes here in the US. I know $300 shoes is a hard pill to swallow. These shoes are based on classic styling and will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.

*Side note for you Bro’s. If you have squared toe shoes you have doomed yourself to a life of solitary masturbation.

Allen Edmonds Stewart Plaintoe Oxfords $295.00



Gallivanting around town

I post up a lot of pictures of guys in suits but don’t let that lead you to believe to be well dressed you need to be suited up. Here’s a great casual look for gallivanting around town with a pocket full of miracles. What I love most about this whole outfit is the white nubuck shoes.

What you’ll notice in a lot of these pictures is the fit of the clothes. I’m sure a lot of people have everything this guy is wearing but when they put it together it simply doesn’t look quite as good. The main problem I see with most people is that they are swimming in their clothes.

Swagger like that

J-Crew: Slim-straight jean in resin crinkle wash $96.00



Banana Republic Quilted Snap Jacket $175
If you join their mailing list at least once a month they do a 40% off one item sale.

30% off using FALLCALLS



Gap Merino V-Neck Sweater $49.95

30% off using FALLCALLS


Bass Buckingham $79.00

Frye Hudson Wingtips

My new obsession. I love the color of the soles and how the shoelaces provide a nice contrast to the blue leather.


This is a great casual shoe that you can wear to work, out to the bar at night, and back on your foot for the walk of victory in the morning.


White Shirt Alternatives

Check out this bro!

Just because your famous doesn’t mean you’re immune from dressing like a dickhead.

Check out this fucking bro!

You know what I see when someone wears all black. A bouncer. Bouncers are just guys who have been wait-listed to be employed by mall security.