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Skys out thighs out bros!

Hopefully you bros didn’t pass up leg day because shit is getting Africa hot out there. Time to let those thighs out.

Thighs out!

Typically what I see here in San Diego wild Bro scene are a plethora of cargo shorts. Seriously bros… you’re never going to fill up those pockets with anything. Let’s just get rid of them along with your Birkenstocks.


I love working out and it shows in my legs so I like to show that shit off. To me showing a bit of jacked to shit thighs to the girls is basically the male version of side boob.

Dmitry Klokov

I prefer shorts to hit above/to a bit above my knee. If you’re a short guy getting this length is critical. Otherwise you’re going to look like fucking a midget.


Now just in case you’re still confused and find reading difficult. I’ll include some more pictures.

Be this bro!


Be this bro!

Don’t be this bro!

Don't be this bro!


Hello Summer!

Look at these titties from Quoddy being sold at Need Supply.

Quoddy Penny LoaferAs a young skateboard punk I used to hate penny loafers and any shoes like these that would scream American Prep.  Now I can’t get enough of them. They’re a classic American staple that will always look great.



White Shirt Alternatives