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Proper fit is key

Hey Scooter? How many times do I have to tell you that proper fit is key? Word on the street is you’re no longer practicing your nun-chuck skills on Melanie’s front yard anymore. So I guess that’s an improvement. It looks like your sort of listening to the Brothority but it’s still not sinking in quite yet.

Proper fit is key
Blazer… check
Button up… check
Slacks… check
Hair looks like it was combed by an angry wet cat… check

Total lack of awareness of how things should fit? Total mind bottling fucking yes!

Let’s get back in the trust tree. You don’t look like a total dickhead anymore which is an improvement. You look like a sloppy homeless bum who just bought new clothes though.

Nothing fits you. Why does nothing fit you?!?!?! Why is your shirt untucked? It’s not giving off that effortless cool vibe. It makes you look awkward and uncomfortable.

Now lets fix this shit for you.
1. Fix those sleeves. You should see a .25 – .5 inches of your shirt cuff
2. Those pants! Who the fuck are you kidding?!?! You don’t work out so I know you don’t have thighs the size of oaks. So get slimmer pants or ask your tailor to slim down your pants.
3. Take in a jacket a bit. You have a slim physique so you should be showcasing that not trying to look like your clothes are eating you.
4. Corn flower blue shirt? Corn flower fucking blue?!?!? Your killing me bro!
Lose the blue shirt. It’s cool for work. If you know what you’re doing then I’ve seen some sick blue shirts about town. You don’t. So lose the blue shirt. It looks like you just got off from your cubicle farm job.

Meanwhile your wingman is killing it out there simply because he knows what the fuck is up.
Proper fit is key



Summer Looks

I can’t get over light colored pants in the summertime. It just looks effortless and cool to me. Paired with a navy linen blazer and you’re good to go bro.

Summer Nights

Banana Republic Navy Linen Blazer $250.00



This is a bit on the pricey side even for me. However it’s a good staple to have in your wardrobe during those hot summer months. If your patient you might be able to get this on sale for 40% off.

Macy’s also has cheaper one as well. It won’t fit as nicely off the rack and only runs from S-M-Lrg but it’s a lot less. I bought the small but I still had to take up the sleeves and shorten the jacket length. If you can get a decent fit out of the sizes they have then this is the way to go.

Macys Tasso Elba Island Herringbone – $74.99



Charles Tyrwhitt Navy Gingham $140.00 on sale for $39.50


Emerson Chinos $59.50

These are my go to white pair of chinos. Typically I would wear Bonobos or Dockers but I find these Emersons to be a better fit and a lot cheaper. You just won’t get the fun liners/colors of Bonobos but BR does a decent job of adding some fun colors. If you’re signed up with BR they will usually send out 40% off coupons every 2 weeks or so.




Allen Edmonds – Strandmok $250

allenedmonds_shoes_strandmok_tan_lYes they are pricey but I cannot say enough good things about Allen Edmonds. These shoes are built to last and look incredibly stylish. The soles are Vibram so the shoes will be nice and light.


Whoa… bro!

Check out what I saw in the wild the other day.

what's happenging here?!?!

This is a great example of how you don’t want your slacks to look. What made it worse was this guy was on the shorter end. For you smaller guys fit plays even a bigger role. With clothes that fit properly you can add the illusion of height. If the clothes are too big then you your short height is made even more noticeable.

What I love about slacks and chinos is that they are fairly easy to get them looking a bit more streamlined. I would have taken these to the tailor and got the legs slimmed up a bit and altered the hem so it wasn’t looking like a pool of fabric on the ankles.



Weekend Uniform

How not to wear a suit


There’s a ton of things wrong here in this picture but I’ll just focus on J.J. Abrahms in the middle because I still hate him for the last episode of Lost.

Ok… so he’s not the shortest person in the picture but it definitely looks like it simply by the way he’s wearing that suit. A well tailored suit on a shorter person can add the illusion of height.

1. If you’re on the shorter end I would ditch the 3 button suit. They look better on taller people. The jacket looks like a sack with no shape. Take that thing to a tailor and take in the sides to give yourself a better silhouette.

2. You should show at least a quarter inch of shirt cuff at the sleeve. He looks like a kid in oversized  clothes.

3. Add in a pocket square. Only one guy is wearing one. A pocket square takes a suit from dipshit to James Bond.

4. Look at the size of those pants. Looks like he borrowed his older brothers suit pants. If your in a office environment I wouldn’t make such a big deal about it. However if you’re going out about town a conservative look isn’t what you want. I would have gotten those legs slimmed down with a minimal break at the bottom.

5. What the fuck is up with those shoes?