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The details

A man’s wardrobe is pretty simple and straightforward. We wear pants, shirt, jacket, and a pair of shoes. How is it if all guys dress in the same articles of clothing certain guys can always stand above the rest? It really just comes down to the little details of how you wear things.



The color of royalty


Blazers just don’t come in blue and black. Wearing bold colors with confidence is basically telling the world your balls are bigger then Patrick Swayze’s in Road House.

Sartorial Conundrums

His voice is so soft it could pollinate flowers

I see a lot of guys making the mistake to button your bottom button on a jacket. This button was designed to never be buttoned… unless you’re JFK.

Why you never button the bottom button from AskAndy

Why do men never button the bottom button of your suit, sports jacket, vest or Cardigan sweater?

King Edward VII, “Bertie”, son of Victoria (1841 – 1910, King 1901 – 1910) was so heavy that he could not get the bottom button fastened on his vest or to be more historically kind, maybe he just forgot. His subjects taking it as a fashion statement followed his lead and today most men’s suits, sports jackets or vests are not designed to button the bottom button.

The tradition of not buttoning the bottom button may have also come from the early waistcoats, which were very long. It may have been out of necessity of being able to walk that the bottom buttons were left undone.

Now you know to never make this brostake again.