The Pocket Square

There’s nothing like a crisp fitted suit on a bro that knows how to bring it. However, what makes or break the suit to me is the little details that you add to it like patterns, the tie, and a pocket square. If you’re not flossing the pocket square when you go out you might as well have just gone out in sweat pants.



When wearing a pocket square I don’t like to go with a matching tie, shirt, and pocket square combo. That shit is amateur hour. I like the square to add a little pop of color that contrasts with the other colors I’m wearing.

Pop pop mothafucker!

Bring the bling

To me good style is built upon certain foundations. The fit, color contrast, and accessories. If you get these three right even the typical blue shirt and khaki pants office drone look can be stylish.

 The Uniform

One key accessory that I think is overlooked by most gents is socks.

Pop pop mothafucker!

I’ll assume most of you just don’t wear white socks. No matter what type of environment you’re in your socks is a great way to inject some personality into your outfit. When I see some cool socks showing on a bro I equate it to when a girl is wearing a great set of underwear with matching garter belt. It’s the little details like this that matter bro. It separates you from the chumps.


If you live close to a Nordstrom Rack you can get some great deals there. If you don’t then check out Happy Socks. It’s a bit pricey on that site vs Nordstrom Rack where they sell for $5.00.

Bros’ in the wild

Bros  in the wildI feel bad picking on these bros on the ends because they are clearly better dressed then 90% of San Diego men. However in the world of “Don’t be that bro” they dress like crap.

Wearing a tie without a vest, sweater, or jacket of some sort looks like you’re going to attend a high school prom. Check out the guy in the vest. Just one more article of clothing and he looks so much put together then the rest.

If you don’t like wearing suits or blazers then a vest is a great middle ground between suited up and douche bag.

Check out this bro. By no means is he as “dressed up” as the guys above, but without a doubt, he looks like girls actually want to be seen with him.

Vest and jeans

J.Crew wants your money

Looks like they upped the ante and are now at 40% off all sale items and 30% off full priced. It’s rare that I see J Crew throwing around these kinds of sales.

You can now get the brown blazer I spoke off yesterday for a fantastic price. I’ve got quite a few of their sportcoat’s and have nothing but great things to say about them. Great fit off the rack with a nice trim silhouette.

Ludlow Sport Coat $328.00  $279.00   $167.99 @ 40% off with code – GIFTNOW



The Brown Blazer

If you love wearing jeans but still want to dress up a bit the brown blazer is the way to go. IIt’s highly versatile and will go great with everything. When picking out a blazer to wear with jeans find one with a good texture and subtle pattern.

Brown Blazer

brown blazer with patch pockets


Don’t be these bros!

I love San Diego but it breeds a casual laziness in the way people dress. These guys obviously made a conscience decision to dress the way they did.


Now contrast the way the guys above are dressed with this bro below. It’s basically the same thing but completely different. I feel like the way your clothes fit play a huge role in your overall appearance. Most guys wear a their shit way to big and baggy. It looks like hand me downs from their big brother.



Now for you guys who think that you need to be skinny to dress well check out this bro.


Ditch the hoodie

If you’re over  23, not doing anything  in a aerobic/anaerobic capacity, not in Milwaukee, or stealing things a hooded sweatshirt is something you probably don’t want to wear. When I see guys wearing hoodies this is how I interpret the look.



Here’s some great alternatives that won’t make you look like you wear an upside down visor on the weekends.

Gap is having a great sale right now.

Use code GAPMORE to get 30% off the prices listed.

Gap – Brushed fleece raglan sweatshirt – $39.95



 Gap – Slub waffle-knit shawl pullover – $49.95


I’m surprised this bro hasn’t shot off his face with that Red Ryder BB gun.

This photo is what I consider fashion. It’s fleeting and if you look back at this type of photo of yourself it will be embarrassing. There is no style or substance to it at all. They’ve taken the quintessential rugged look for men and turned it into a big ole “I got gyno titties” bitchfest.


Now compare that photo to this salty old bastard.