Men’s Polka Dot Shirt

Polka Dots

The men’s polka dot shirt can either look phenomenal like the picture above or horrendous like the one below.

Polka Dot No
Polka Dot No

Now to avoid the polka dot “No” stay with a darker color shirt where the dots are fairly small.

Another Yes
Another Yes


Men’s Boots

When most guys hear men’s boots they get an image of “shit-kickers” or “steel-toe”. There’s actually a wide array of great looking boots out there that are stylish and casual enough to look great with jeans.

To me these ankle boots have a dressed up look because of the cap toe and the blue layer in the sole. What makes these more casual is the worn in leather, metal eyelets, and black laces.



Throwback Thursday

Steve McQueen

To me fashion and style are two very different things. Fashion is like a fickle 5 year old girl who can’t figure out what flavor ice cream to eat. Things will be good one day and gross the other.

Now style is classic and timeless. My view on style is that I want to look back at my photos 20 years from now and not cringe in embarrassment at what I’m wearing. Look at this photo of Steve McQueen from 1963.

His style is timeless.

Mens Brown shoes

Blue suit brown shoes

Typically I don’t like to wear black shoes that much since I find them a bit plain. Sure they will go with everything but it’s a safe choice. A stylish brown shoe injects  personality into your look.  A brown shoe will go with almost anything and give your style that nice bit of pop to make you stand out nicely amongst the herd.

Style tip – Brown shoes will not typically go well with a black suit. Sure it can be done but for the majority of people I recommend staying away from it.

Quilted Vest

The quilted vest has come a long way. Sure your still going to see people wearing ones like this one below in People of Walmart.

“Get a load of this guy’s life preserver. The dork thinks he’s gonna drown!”

However you will also see some great casual and still stylish ones as well. Stay away from the bulky ones unless, like Melanie, you live in a fly over state called Milwackee.

8415fa4934cadc2e140b9f4f1382d8d1 jcrew_broadmoor_vest

You can even dress them up a bit.



J Crew is my choice – Broadmoor Quilted Vest $129.00

Broadmoor Vest

Does the carpet match the drapes?

Every Friday and Saturday night I see guys get their dapper on and storm the bars like it was Normandy. One huge critical mistake I see constantly is the mismatched belt and shoes.

Don't be this bro
Don’t be this bro

One critical style rule is never to wear a brown belt with black shoes and vice versa.
A good rule of thumb to follow when it doubt is to have your belt/shoes the same shade of color.

The drapes match the carpet
The drapes match the carpet


How to wear a black shirt

Typically I don’t like seeing most guys wear a black shirt under their suit because they do it all wrong. They either go black on black looking like a bouncer or like a pale vampire.

Perfect example
Perfect example

However you use the correct color contrast in your outfit and you’ll tear shit up.

The Triad