Keep on truckin


A great jacket for the Spring that can be done up smartly to take you anywhere.  What makes this outfit great to me is the fit. Everything is nice and streamlined. Nothing is baggy.trucker_jacket


This is how you don’t want it to look.


Weekend Uniform

How not to wear a suit


There’s a ton of things wrong here in this picture but I’ll just focus on J.J. Abrahms in the middle because I still hate him for the last episode of Lost.

Ok… so he’s not the shortest person in the picture but it definitely looks like it simply by the way he’s wearing that suit. A well tailored suit on a shorter person can add the illusion of height.

1. If you’re on the shorter end I would ditch the 3 button suit. They look better on taller people. The jacket looks like a sack with no shape. Take that thing to a tailor and take in the sides to give yourself a better silhouette.

2. You should show at least a quarter inch of shirt cuff at the sleeve. He looks like a kid in oversized  clothes.

3. Add in a pocket square. Only one guy is wearing one. A pocket square takes a suit from dipshit to James Bond.

4. Look at the size of those pants. Looks like he borrowed his older brothers suit pants. If your in a office environment I wouldn’t make such a big deal about it. However if you’re going out about town a conservative look isn’t what you want. I would have gotten those legs slimmed down with a minimal break at the bottom.

5. What the fuck is up with those shoes?

The Navy Blazer

If you don’t like wearing suits because they are too stuffy and you don’t want to look like a total dicknose… then the navy blazer is for you. This jacket will be one of the most versatile things you have in your wardrobe. They can be paired with slacks, jeans, chinos, and even t-shirts( I cringed when I wrote that).

My preference for a navy blazer is white, off white, or gray pants.


This bro below is doing a good job of rocking it. Everything fits well and nothing is loose or baggy. If I’m going to wear jeans with the blazer I’ll make sure they are a dark rinse.



This last picture is the look you want to avoid. Or as some like to say… “The 80’s stand up comedian effect”. This is the shit I see Downtown San Diego where I just want to punch babies.


1. The jacket is to long and not tailored at all. He looks like he’s swimming in it. This is a far cry from the Bond we know on the big screen

2. The shirt offers no contrast to the jacket making him look extremely pale.

3. Bootcut jeans… I don’t think I need to even say anything about that. If you’re going to wear jeans with a blazer they should be fit not have a bunch of shit pooling around your ankles. Get your shit to a tailor and ask them to keep the original hem.

The details

A man’s wardrobe is pretty simple and straightforward. We wear pants, shirt, jacket, and a pair of shoes. How is it if all guys dress in the same articles of clothing certain guys can always stand above the rest? It really just comes down to the little details of how you wear things.