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Men’s Boots

When most guys hear men’s boots they get an image of “shit-kickers” or “steel-toe”. There’s actually a wide array of great looking boots out there that are stylish and casual enough to look great with jeans.

To me these ankle boots have a dressed up look because of the cap toe and the blue layer in the sole. What makes these more casual is the worn in leather, metal eyelets, and black laces.



Fall Boots

Time to put away those boat shoes. There’s something about the Fall season where I like having a nice pair of boots.  All of these are on the expensive side but to me well worth it. The leather is excellent quality and soles are repairable if anything happens. Most cheap ass boots will run you 150-200$ and you can’t fix when they crap out on you. These ones listed here will last you a lifetime.


Alden Indy Boots – Made iconic by Indiana Jones


Allen Edmonds Eagle County

Red Wing Lifestyle Classic

Wolverine Addison Wingtips