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A pair of chinos and a button up shirt is such a great look that’s so easy to pull together.

Sidenote – I find it hard that I even have to say this but if you have a pair of chinos with pleats. Just keep on living in your parents basement.


Come at me bro!

Now a message from the Brothority.

I’m bombarded with this all day long now that winter has arrived to San Diego.¬† Guys in hoodies emblazoned with¬† Volcom or RVCA. When I see guys like this I think of them playing World of Warcraft, drinking Mountain Dew, and breathing out of their mouth.

The last time they saw a female naked was when they were born.

Now let’s contrast it with this look. It’s still more or less the same but so much better. It still retains that casual look but says you’re a man not to be fucked with . The guys above look like they snuck off from their parents to smoke some brown mexi swag.