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Personal Style

If you didn’t pay attention to this guys shoes you would think it’s well done but nothing special. However when you get down to those shoes and socks is really when it catches your attention. A little bit of pop can go a long way in creating a great overall look.

When I see a guy dressed like this it I infer certain qualities on to him whether he has them or not. People are doing this to you non stop. They are making snap judgements simply based upon the way you walk and how you look. Your outer appearance is the one thing that you have control of in your life so use that to your benefit.

Summer Shoes

Summer is just right around the corner so we all know what that means. Scantily clad women in skirts and low cut tops with their titties bouncing in a glorious display. Then you know what comes around to ruin it? Some guy wearing flip flops with what looks like a highly developed case of gangrene attached to it.

You're not doing yourselves any favors in speeding up the timeline of a woman seeing you naked by wearing those flip flops

With that in mind there are going to be certain occasions where flip flops are appropriate on men.

1. Does your toenail polish match your fingernail polish?

2. Are on you at the beach or on the way to it?

Those my friends is the only appropriate time I should see flops on your feet out in public. Let me show you some steez so you won’t be that bro.


Brown would seem like to go to color but I prefer a boat shoe with some color and pop. Blue boat shoes will go pretty well with anything you can throw at them. These suede ones are pretty nice as well.



These white shoes are by far my one of my most favorite to wear in the day while gallavanting around with a pocket full of miracles.┬áThe insoles make me feel like I’m walking on the moon.



Always a classic style.



Now this is swagger!