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Pop pop mothafucker!

Bring the bling

To me good style is built upon certain foundations. The fit, color contrast, and accessories. If you get these three right even the typical blue shirt and khaki pants office drone look can be stylish.

 The Uniform

One key accessory that I think is overlooked by most gents is socks.

Pop pop mothafucker!

I’ll assume most of you just don’t wear white socks. No matter what type of environment you’re in your socks is a great way to inject some personality into your outfit. When I see some cool socks showing on a bro I equate it to when a girl is wearing a great set of underwear with matching garter belt. It’s the little details like this that matter bro. It separates you from the chumps.


If you live close to a Nordstrom Rack you can get some great deals there. If you don’t then check out Happy Socks. It’s a bit pricey on that site vs Nordstrom Rack where they sell for $5.00.