Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast the two outside photos to the middle one.
Compare and Contrast

The two outside pics is the standard operating procedure for most men. The suit generally fits but could be better with some tailoring. Take in the pant legs, bring up the cuff in the pants and jacket, and take in the waist of the jacket and you have the middle picture.

Most of you guys who are new to suits or only have one will think your current ones suck or are dated. This is probably true if it has more than 2 buttons. However if you have the standard double breasted two button suit it’s going to be a classic. Some minor tailoring to it and you’ll look fantastic without having to buy a new suit.

It’s happening!

Sorry my mistake. If you put in 250$ worth of items you will get a $50 coupon which comes out to 20% off and not 30%. Still a pretty decent deal if you need to get a few pairs of pants.

Bonobos, my favorite maker of pants for men, is blowing out their whole site at 30% 20% off if you spend $250. These guys typically have sales like this but always on last seasons merchandise, never on their current line, and always in a size that isn’t yours. At $88 their washed chinos are expensive to me and I typically won’t buy them. However with the 30% 20% off they’re now worth the price if you need to buy a few pairs.

I love these pants because they fit perfectly in the ass, legs, and just the right amount of taper down into the ankle. This is great for me because I like to work out so my legs are Godzillas! Most brands out there I have to take in the waist and taper in the legs. Not so with Bonobos straight leg. The patterned pockets are a great bit of flair as well.

What if I’m not jacked like the Brothority? Fear not they have a slim tailored line.

My go to standard colors are the following.


When I’m lazy these are my go to. Throw em on with a dark blue v-neck, boat shoes, canvas belt, and you’re good to go.


Jet Blues

I’ll use these when I put on a collar. I’ll usually pair it with a red or lighter colored shirt to contrast off the dark blue.

Jet Blues

Grey Dogs

I like these with my dark colored shirts since it’s a good contrast as well.

Grey Dogs

Stone Cutters

I love light colored pants. Pair them with a dark shirt, brown shoes, and a brown belt and you’re now the Brothority. Even better put on a navy/brown blazer and make them drool.

Stone CuttersBlazer and light pants

Are your old photos embarassing?!?!?!

Here at the Brothority it’s my belief with personal style to always be timeless and classic. I want to be able to look through old photos of me and not cringe in horror at what I’m wearing. Things like Cross Color jeans, Ed Hardy, and drop crotch skinny jeans are all fads that will disappear into obscurity until one fateful day. You’re kids will finally be old enough to understand cool parents from uncool and look through your photos.

Do you want them to find photos like this?

Clint Eastwood
Fuck my dad was cool!










Or shit like this?

Oh hey bro!
Oh hey bro!

Mount up

Snap judgements are being made upon you the moment people lay eyes on you. Do you want to be Boss or Bro? There will always be one guy making the argument, “Well look at so and so millionaire/actor! They dress like shit and are drowning in it.”

Well guess what bro? You’re not fucking them and until you are, you can’t just be some geek off the street. You gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean.
The Rake


Let’s leave you with a bit of wisdom to help you start this week off right.


Summer flare

Typically San Diego is a little too hot for this type of look during a summer day. Bro is killing it though with that watch and bracelet.


It’s hard to go wrong with a blue button up and white/stone colored pants during the summer.  It will put your miles ahead of the guys pimping their cargo shorts, soda logo t-shirts, and flip flops.

Summer Bros

Skys out thighs out bros!

Hopefully you bros didn’t pass up leg day because shit is getting Africa hot out there. Time to let those thighs out.

Thighs out!

Typically what I see here in San Diego wild Bro scene are a plethora of cargo shorts. Seriously bros… you’re never going to fill up those pockets with anything. Let’s just get rid of them along with your Birkenstocks.


I love working out and it shows in my legs so I like to show that shit off. To me showing a bit of jacked to shit thighs to the girls is basically the male version of side boob.

Dmitry Klokov

I prefer shorts to hit above/to a bit above my knee. If you’re a short guy getting this length is critical. Otherwise you’re going to look like fucking a midget.


Now just in case you’re still confused and find reading difficult. I’ll include some more pictures.

Be this bro!


Be this bro!

Don’t be this bro!

Don't be this bro!


The other Aviators

Another great sale from Massdrop. American Optical pilot Sunglasses that are allow you customize to your liking. From frame/lens color to the style of the temple.

American Optic Pilot Sunglasses – $39.99





American Optical have been around a long time making some pretty kick ass sunglasses.

It was in 1958 that the Flight Goggle 58, now known as the Original Pilot Sunglass was produced for the US military to provide pilots with maximum protection, optical performance and comfort.  Right to  the present time, the Original Pilot is still being manufactured in the AO complex in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

 In fact the Original Pilot Sunglass was honored to be the first ever sunglass to land on the moon worn by Commander Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 in 1969.  It now resides on permanent display in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Men’s jewelry

I’m not really into necklaces but I do like wearing a bracelet here and there. No metal bracelets as I prefer a more casual look to them. Here’s a good example of men’s jewelry you should wear.

Massdrop has a great deal going on some cool nautical style bracelets – 13.99. On sale for the next 6 days.

Anchor Bracelet

This is a bro do.

Bracelet do



No! Bad bro! Bad!

This bro is going overboard and letting style define him instead of him showing off his own personal style.


Hello Summer!

Look at these titties from Quoddy being sold at Need Supply.

Quoddy Penny LoaferAs a young skateboard punk I used to hate penny loafers and any shoes like these that would scream American Prep.  Now I can’t get enough of them. They’re a classic American staple that will always look great.



It doesn’t take a lot to stand out

Jamie FoxxFrom GQ

Some guys really go overboard with the amount of bling they wear to peacock. They think if one piece is going to really pop then why the fuck don’t I just wear 17 other things as well?!?!?!

Little details like that red accent should be kept to a minimum and subtle or you risk becoming some Kanye West style caricature douche bag.